Joe Cobb – Bass – BV
Chris Elliott – Drums – BV
Graham Jones – Vocals – Guitar

Q: How did you come to be called ‘The Lanes’?
GJ: We went on a drinking spree around Brighton, looking in newspapers, asking people what they thought and we ended up underneath a sign – at 2 o’clock in the morning – saying ‘The Lanes’ (Meeting House Lane).

Q: How did you all form the current line up?
CE: I’ve been in 3 years
JC: 5 for me so Graham is the only founding member
GJ: I thought as a brand ‘The Lanes’ looks great and we worked hard to build up the reputation so I wanted to keep it (going). We were a 4-piece and decided to go in a slightly different route sound wise: ‘Slim it down – rock it up’.

Q: I love that quote!
CE: He’s got that on his car (laughs). I met Joe when I was in Livingstone Freeman and did a few gigs together. As soon as I heard The Lanes needed a drummer I was there…like a shot.
GJ: I remember standing there watching Chris and said that’s what we need, he had great stage presence and flair. Then a few years later he was trying out for us.
JC: I started as the Bez of the band, dancing down the front. I was a big fan of the band and Graham asked if I would fill in for a bit.
GJ: I had a load of new songs I wanted to get on with and just thought we need someone to keep the backbeat going doing root notes and he came in and went at it.

Q: What’s your current writing strategy?
GJ: I sit at home constantly playing, writing ideas, take them to the guys and develop them.
CE: Which is two a week and ideal for me and Joe as it keeps us on our toes. He’s a song writing machine.
GJ: We also have old songs we’ve reworked that sound great.
CE: We have 45 songs in total, some we haven’t played live for 12 months.

Q: What are your influences?
CE: Santana got me started to drum when I was 14. I love the Doors, but of the recent bands: RHCP/Nirvana.
GJ: Beatles/Stones/The Who/Hendrix… although it doesn’t come out in my song writing.
JC: Mainly BRMC/G’n’R/ACDC/Led Zeppelin. I’ve just got into Brand New, they have an awesome bassist.

Q: What well known acts have you supported?
GJ: Royal Blood.
JC: The Kooks who were actually supporting us.
CE: Inspiral Carpets were great; they asked us to come out to sing on Saturn 5.

Q: Who would bring out the best of you if you opened for them today?
JC: Foo Fighters
GJ: Kasabian

Q: I noticed you don’t have a video with the current line-up yet, any plans to?
GJ: We have a new photographer, Steve Churchill, and had a chat about doing a noir video of a track very soon.

Q: I see you won ‘Brighton’s Absolute Live 2009 Competition’, what’s the story there?
GJ: The competition folded after we won.
CE: It was at the Concorde 2.
JC: They loved us. We were up against some great bands: ‘Blind Eye Fury’, ‘Fitzroy’.
GJ: And we were hammered, got to the final and they called our name out.
CE: Joe threatened to get naked.
GJ: We were getting ready to do one more song and our old drummer got up and ran to the toilets to find Joe getting his kit off.
JC: I thought ‘you’ve got to celebrate’.
GJ: You didn’t have a guitar strap; you would have been sitting down (playing) naked.
CE: Need to get that out of my mind.

Q: I see you are playing Hastings quite a lot at the moment, how’s that going?
GJ: It’s such a refreshing change to play in Hastings.
CE: We really enjoy the scene.
JC: We want to head further north too.

Q: You played ‘The Great Escape Festival’, how was it for you?
CE: Loved it, for a Wednesday night it was awesome.
JC: It was such a good laugh.
GJ: And rammed.


The Lanes