It is an extreme pain to play live concerts when transportation is an expense for musicians. There is a logistical difficulty in carrying heavy equipment which becomes a daunting task. Finding the right van or tour bus is not an easy task; Mostly booking agencies and managements have the contacts. Finding the right sound-engineer, backline tech, merchandiser and tour manager is done only by word of mouth. Sharingear is a peer-2-peer marketplace that enables musicians to connect and create the best and cheapest deals on equipment, technicians hire, buses & vans.


A marketplace where musicians can rent out their instruments and equipment to other musicians, so both can leverage and save costs whether they are planning to play a live show, tour or even try out an instrument for purchasing decisions.

[pullquote_left]It’s a great marketplace where everyone,
can make an extra buck and help out!
Peter Dolving, ex-THE HAUNTED[/pullquote_left]

Through touring five continents over a ten year timeframe with his band, founder and CEO Mircea Gabriel Eftemie has extensive firsthand experience from being out on the road. While his band opened for acts such as METALLICA and DEFTONES, Eftemie recognized the difficulties of being a recording and touring musician. He believes the Sharingear platform will help artists in the long run do what they do best.

“Our vision is to ease the life of musicians by offering a platform, that supports musicians in not only by lowering production costs but playing more live shows and helping them focus on their performances rather than the hard work coming from being
on the road.” Mircea Gabriel Eftemie, CEO of Sharingear

Sharingear from Sharingear on Vimeo.

They are launching our beta version in Northern Europe in the beginning of February and whilst it’s very early days (still a closed beta which you have to apply to join) but with a lot of promise – just look at the success of peer-2-peer in other areas from driveways to beds for the night.

We think this is well worth considering – Peer to Peer is something to think about if you have equipment sitting around it can be put to use and start to earn it’s keep, also as a way to cut down costs this could make the difference between profit and loss and is a modern and slick solution to an age-old problem.

There’s always a risk of course but again – they have an insurance product in place to cover that so we’d be interested in your thoughts – would this work for you?



Is Sharingear the answer for touring musicians?