Where intellect meets originality and simplistic creates sublime.

SmallPrint Recordings “Volume 1″ is how we define great current EDM and original sounding music from the UK.

Crystal clear textures and perfect ambience while creating rich sounds, jazzy landscapes and ambient subspaces that could simply set one adrift on an endless journey.

[pullquote_left]Musicians who have featured in “SmallPrint Vol.1” come locally from Brighton, surrounding areas and a few international artists have also been featured[/pullquote_left]

SmallPrint Recordings which was created by: Mark [Aidallbery], Joe [Vince] & Luke [Wightman] is an independent record label, started in 2014.

Already this year they have been working tirelessly to to bring their first album “SmallPrint.Volume 1” to the public, an eclectic mix of styles and genres ranging from Ambient House and Future Garage all the way to Jazz, Funk and Chill Out.


A pinpoint precision production level makes this album, and it is clear, even down to the most slight detail, that these guys have put in the hours to create the best product possible.

I caught up with Luke to ask where he would like to see SmallPrint go in 2015 and how he feels about the current climate of Brighton based music.

So Luke how do you feel about the success of your first album launch?
“We were very pleasantly surprised at the response we had immediately from the release of ‘Vol.1′. Obviously we are very proud of the compilation!”

What can we expect to hear from SmallPrint Recordings in the future?
“We are planning a series of EPs from some of the artists featured on ‘Vol.1′. We also plan to get more artists involved with our live sessions.”
(These can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/smallprintrecordings or http://smallprintrecordings.com/ )

Are there any artists who really inspire this album?
“I have taken inspiration from artists such as Bonobo, Submotion Orchestra, Gerwin and Mercy. The great thing about working with Mark (23) and Joe (22) is we all generally aim at the same thing. Each one has their own niche and this can really lend a hand to creating an awesome fusion of genres.”

Any thoughts or feelings about the current climate of Brighton’s music scene?
“I think Brighton’s music scene is an interesting one at the moment. In recent years we’ve seen clear dictation from the House scene and Dubstep before and I would say it is still heavily House orientated, but I feel this may be coming to an end. The great thing is Brighton’s bohemian attitude constantly provides an interested ear to new sounds. It would seem people are just after something different!”

Finally, where can we find ‘SmallPrint Vol.1’?
“The compilation is completely free, so don’t worry about handing over those pennies! We have released it via our Facebook page!”

To conclude:
With one track from the album already being featured on ‘Deep Heads’ [kLL sMTH – Circumambience], the successful launch of the album and such talented artists such as Kudu Blue and Etch just to name a couple, the continuation of such real and original sounding music is sure to make heads turn to SmallPrint Recordings and shake the water this year. With even more to come in the following months all the artists under this banner are definitely ones to keep locked to your radar!

No matter what kind of style or genre you may be interested in, all that can be guaranteed is that every time you listen you will be smoothed to a subtle sense of comfort knowing that such high quality music is still coming out from the talented electronic artists in our city and worldwide.

Words Chris Cohen

SmallPrint Recordings Interview