Shonalika is a 22 year old Scottish artist at the beginning of her musical career. She came to realise her passion for it a little later than most (in her teens), she’s now fully devoted to it – “weirdly enough I had no interest in music until the age of 14… then in secondary school I fell into this crowd of gothic subculture, just because I liked the people”. This then led to a love of Rock and Metal, with her first gig being My Chemical Romance. From that Shonalika began to work out music on both piano and guitar.

For the last year she’s been performing as a solo artist around the Brighton music scene and is now working on building a full band. “Now I feel I’ve got enough material and the whole band sound is what I’m after… it’s going to be a heavier thing to what I’ve been performing”. Although her early influences lie in bands such as System of a Down, Marilyn Manson and Korn, she admits that there is an overall ‘pop’ feel to it all.

The upcoming EP entitled Poppet apparently has a voodoo ‘puppet’ theme to it. In general she writes about issues close to her heart. “It always has to come from a place of extreme emotion… it’s all aggressive, it’s all dark… when I’m happy I don’t write.”

I was lucky enough to get a quick preview of the upcoming EP and I can certainly hear guitar parts similar to Black Sabbath and Zeppelin mixed with elements of Midlake, PJ Harvey and Patti Smith. Listen to some demos at and look out for Shonalika playing live in Brighton soon…

f: shonalikamusic
t: @shonalikatilak
sc: shonalika

Words Mishkin Fitzgerald