There’s a jewel floating around Brighton, or is it Hove, Southwick, Lewes Road, or just Sussex and the South East in general. This man can be described as ‘World Class’ yes that’s right. A world Class percussionist plying his trade now on guitar. I’m told 3 years ago Theseus Gerard was quite a novice at the 6 string acoustic.


Now his style is unique. I watched, I’ve seen him before but a friend said his new show was amazing. I was mesmerized as I viewed in awe, and to add to the mystery of this human rhythm machine, the pub was quite empty. ‘He’s homeless’ a local told me, cant quite get my head around that one! So anyway, I’m more than interested, I tap him into the web.

Up pops this man, easy to find, I didn’t know his sir name but I soon recognized him. He’s performed, around the world I believe, in the amazing ‘STOMP’ theatre percussion and movement production.

He’s played in various local bands, Ammonites, Brighton Beach Boys, Dave Barnard, Stuntmen and it appears, will lend a helping hand to most bands that need help with a (world class) drummer. This night he’s on his own, guitar and harmonies as one. He’s his own backing, drums, lyricist all in one, well he has mastered the one accessory he needs, a loop machine.

His choice of tunes are just marvelous, he’s finding soul in Bowie, Sly & Family Stone, Rolling Stones, to which I’m amused by his change of words on Miss You’s ‘Central Park’ lyric. He’s singing “I’ve been walking in Stoneham Park (It’s in Hove)Singing after dark…& I miss you………….. People think I’m crazyI’ve been stumbling on my feet
Shuffling through the street
Asking people, “What’s the matter with you boy?” I’m feeling this and I think he is to. He raps to, I’m not big on rap stuff but I’m enjoying what I’m hearing on ‘Staying Together’ an improvised song I’m not familiar with but loving it. I think he’s actually making the words up as he goes along ‘I might be wrong’. If you haven’t seen Theseus Gerard yet your missing something that those who follow local music, already know, ‘Sussex has a floating jewel’ that ‘yes’ is world class.


Yours in Music, Michael Stone.

Jewel in the Brighton crown